Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Face painting and extra eyes

Hi guys!! Sorry for being so scarce the last week or so, things have been insane! Here are a few photo's of the last week, hope you enjoy!

This was last week Thursday at a high school athletics meet. We had to paint the cheerleadres' faces and I practiced on myself beforehand. The theme was fire so this is what we did:
Yes, yes I know I look horrible but I was sooo very tired and wished the week would end...

This week though I am thoroughly excited because we are doing ramp, glamour, futuristic and fantasy makeup...so much FUN!! This is from glamour:

This was the work in progress and there was no time for photos afterwards. I used the NYX liquid liner in this cool electric blue and coated the lashes in NYX blue glitter.

Now for the best part of my week thus far; Ramp make-up. This was  my inspiration:

And the result also using the NYX glitter:

I will update as soon as possible with all the looks from this week.
Enjoy leap week / month / day and stay awesome

Lotsa love
Michelle xoxo

Friday, 17 February 2012

What I'm loving

Hey guys!!! It's Friday :) Happy weekend to you all. This post I'm going to mention a few things that I really love:
First it is the awesome Viva colours! I have five shades in red, green,  pink, this orange and silver. The great thing about them is that if you layer them they create this cool effect and it works great for dramatic looks. They are very expensive though so first buy your two faves and play with them.

Secondly is the Dermacolor foundation. I love, love, love this! It has a very thick consistency  but is not too heavy on your skin and is very easily buildable if you want a heavier look. Definitely worth it.

This palette is fantastic! Very easy to use and create different effects or simply use as a base for pigments. Although the only downside is that you do need a setting psray because not even the setting powder will set this.

These eye shadow palettes are really cool because the colours are so  many and different. This also has a downside;  they aren't very pigmented and you really have to pack them on to see a proper result. Besides that they are easily blendable and there is such a variety to choose from.

SO COOL!! I have the LC palette and you can mix and match so much it's insane! I've had so much fun with this and  this also works great for cream blush. Best to buy this smaller palette then replace your favorites with the bigger pans.

My new addiction!! Not only is this a miracle powder but it smells great too. Lasts all day and  doesn't show any hint of oiliness. I use this everyday since I have a VERY oily t-zone and this genuinely lasts forever. Best out of all the products I mentioned!

Best nail polish ever! I love the consistency, the brush, the colours, how long it lasts, just EVERYTHING! Besides being really awesome it's also really cheap. Go out and buy every colour because believe me you will want to in any way after trying this once.

Share some of your faves with me and tell me what you think of the products I mentioned!

Lotsa Love

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Attempt at Geisha

So this was my very first attempt at Geisha make up on Valentines day (keeping with the cliche red and white theme). It was also my firsts time using grease paint and it is much harder than it seems since it does not dry unless you have fixing spray which I don't have. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the look itself is pretty easy and LOTS of fun! Claudea my model looked so cute wit the make up and probably enjoyed removing it haha. Will definitely do it again or adjust it for a ramp look?

Front view

Side view
The sun is horrible hehe
Don't be afraid to try this at home with regular face paint or wait for me to upload a tutorial soon!

Lotsa Love

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I know it's a lot of posts in one day but I'd love to share some pics of my amazing boyfriend and just appreciate how awesome he is before Valentine's day....still don't know what the plans are for V-day though!

My Rockstar!!
Completely in the zone
Shredding away
About two years ago at our beach house

Lazy Sunday

So today I have to start on several projects for college but I'm so very, very, VERY lazy. We have this colour wheel project where I have to represent the primary and secondary colours using a 3D object...sounds fun, right? Not if you are an over-achiever and decide to paint AND mosaic a whole guitar...It's due in a week and I haven't even started. I have gotten as far as setting everything out though, but I guess that doesn't count as progress.

My 'layout'
 The AWESOME guitar my boyfriend gave to me to me to basically destroy
 My 'tools'

But, alas, that is not all I have to do today....I also have to start with my mini portfolio and unfortunately my model is even lazier than I am!

I will leave you now to slave away at projects and probably to take a nice nap :)

Lotsa love

New Girl in Town

Hi guys!

OK so this is my first ever blog post and I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into! I'm here to share my make-up school experiences, reviews on products and also random things that interest and inspire me.
Hope you enjoy the journey with me!

Michelle xx