Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Face painting and extra eyes

Hi guys!! Sorry for being so scarce the last week or so, things have been insane! Here are a few photo's of the last week, hope you enjoy!

This was last week Thursday at a high school athletics meet. We had to paint the cheerleadres' faces and I practiced on myself beforehand. The theme was fire so this is what we did:
Yes, yes I know I look horrible but I was sooo very tired and wished the week would end...

This week though I am thoroughly excited because we are doing ramp, glamour, futuristic and fantasy makeup...so much FUN!! This is from glamour:

This was the work in progress and there was no time for photos afterwards. I used the NYX liquid liner in this cool electric blue and coated the lashes in NYX blue glitter.

Now for the best part of my week thus far; Ramp make-up. This was  my inspiration:

And the result also using the NYX glitter:

I will update as soon as possible with all the looks from this week.
Enjoy leap week / month / day and stay awesome

Lotsa love
Michelle xoxo

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